For the first time in years I found someone who actually enjoyed A Wrinkle in Time.

I didn’t enjoy it at first but it sort of grew on me.

It’s not really a light read, but the ideas in their are kind of amazing.

They’re usually just little plot devices scattered here or there to move things along;

but each of them, if you stop about it and think,

are very amazing.

The recent one I’ve been just staring at for days has been the 

part where they accidentally zip to a 2D world where the 3D characters are suffocating

because their dimensions were forcefully shoved into one less dimension;

I just like sitting here thinking about this idea of a 2D world because it’s so cute

and squashed… and 2D……?

But then I think back to my first year seminar course

and all the stuff about gravitational waves and how space-time bends

and all the diagrams feature how something we regard as so 3D + 4D as just a 2D sheet

being bent by gravity…?

It was a huge challenge to understand anything in that class because midway through

a concept you’d have to stop and remind yourself that

that 2D diagram represents YOU, all protruding surfaces coming out from you

as well as YOUUUU, inching on along time;

exactly how the characters were imposed on to a 2D world in A wrinkle in time.

>> “something about questioning the word bent”–




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