Reblogs: Share the Awesome

It makes me wonder why the WordPress reblogs haven’t gone wild like Tumblr’s

An excerpt within this says:

  • Try to add some original commentary to each reblog you share. If you don’t have a lot of profound things to say, that’s ok, but do include a bit of explanation as to why you are sharing this particular post with your readers. If you simply reblog post after post without adding any thoughts of your own, other bloggers might feel that you’re stealing their hard work without contributing anything of your own.
  • Don’t overuse reblogs. A blog consisting of nothing but reblogged posts looks a lot like spam.
  • Consider whether the blogger you are reblogging would want their work to appear on your blog. If you’re sharing the post of a very G-rated blogger and your blog is a bit spicy, it might be better to simply link. Reblog others as you would want to be reblogged.

Oh goodness, if this could be applied to Tumblr.. 

The Daily Post

My last post was about pingbacks and trackbacks, and some of you had questions about how that relates to reblogs. Both features help you share the work of other bloggers on your own site, but whereas a pingback simply notifies the original blogger that you’ve linked to their site, a reblog captures an excerpt of another blogger’s post and automatically links back to their content. 

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