By Ellen Forney

It was great insight into how bipolar feels from the perspective of someone who has it. It’s a graphic novel, and my favorite kind too (the ones not constricted by boxes), and her art depicts both highs and lows of Bipolar I (full mania and depression cycle) very well.

It’s a vibrant story that also satisfies my passion for psychology because she structures her story chronologically around diagnosis, finding the right treatment, and ultimately finding peace of mind about balancing creativity and bipolar.

I think best thing about this novel is that I finally learned the difference between bipolar II and cyclothymia; because intuitively it seemed like the lecture we had on mood disorders left a huge gap. I’ve also picked up the stigma that Bipolar I means hospitalizations and psychotic episodes and a much higher degree of dysfunctionality… When in reality the lecturer was probably recounting the more memorable (most extreme cases) when we so briefly touched on it in class.

I really liked her artistic style. :)

What’s up tomorrow?
Probably learn circular gallifreyan,
– a very short intro on anxiety
– Margaret Atwood short stories !!
– Amnesty International Report 2009 ?? (I took it out because it had an attractive cover, yes).

I had a helluva great time reading tonight mainly bc tomorrow is Mondaay (dundunduuuun) so everyone except my dad’s asleep.

My grammar is horrible in this post and I’m all over the place, I know…

It’s been a while since I’ve really blogged… And I’m doing this on a phone ! :3